Mobile Gadgeteer reviews Opera Mobile 9.5


You can’t get your hands on it yet but take it from someone who’s been trying Opera Mobile 9.5 out for a few weeks it redefines the standard for mobile browsers.  Mobile Gadgeteer Matt Miller agrees and has published a nice review along with a great video of the newest version of Opera Mobile.  I mentioned to Kevin on a recent video chat that Opera Mobile 9.5 is so good that it’s changed the way I surf the web at home and that is a very powerful statement, I assure you.  Take a look at Matt’s review and video and see if you agree.



Looks nice! How do you make selections? Do you have to switch to a selection mode?

Jonathan Cohen

How do you think it would work with the RedFly? I am still so ambivalent about the RedFly, but knowing it had office apps like Opera and a decent word processor (SoftMaker?) would help.

Mike Cane

I **hate** you, Kendrick!! I smell your fienditry behind all of this! Not only did you obviously put him up to this — evidenced by the JKOTR visit! — but then you had the AUDACITY to embed his video! A simple text link wouldn’t do for YOUR hellish purposes! Oh nooooo! Gotta drive me up the wall, don’t you?!!? Even that bit at the end about him doing WORDPRESS BLOGGING! ARGH!!!

Steve Jobs, save my soul with the iPod Air!!!

James Kendrick

Steve, I find I am using the Advantage with OM9.5 almost exclusively and the iPod Touch rarely now. This is certainly due to OM being such a great browser that allows some things that the Touch doesn’t like easily copying test, links, etc. It doesn’t hurt that the Advantage is a 5″ VGA screen either. On top of that I have the full Messaging suite with WM rounding out the deal.

Steve 'Chippy' Paine

Wow. That is a powerful statement. I seem to recall you used the iPod touch a lot at home. Has that changed now?
Am very interested in OM9.5 to see if it elevates smartphones and even pocketPCs into MID land.


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