iPhone getting a Mobipocket eBook client. What’s that mean for Amazon’s Kindle?


TextonphoneGiven the iPhone SDK availability, this should come as no surprise, but it’s nice to see confirmation. Mobipocket will be introducing an eBook client for the iPhone later this year according to Martin Gorner, president and CEO of Mobi. MobileRead got the information at the IDPF conference where Gorner spoke. That’s good news to us folks that read digital content, but what does it mean for Amazon’s Kindle?After all, the Kindle format is a DRM-tweaked version of Mobipocket’s format, so there’s a key partnership between the two organizations. The iPhone and iPod Touch user base is far and away larger than that of the Kindle, which is great for the eBook market, but may hurt Kindle sales in the long run. Of course, the Apple products certainly have a smaller screen when compared the Kindle, but they offer connectivity options as well as a simple e-commerce experience through the iTunes store. Could the Kindle burn out even before sales get stoked?Note: the image shown is from the TextOnPhone eBook web service that I video demo’d earlier this year.

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