Integrated WiMAX dropped from Asus Eee PC 901 for now


E900Hoping for WiMAX in your Asus Eee PC 901? You’ll need to keep hoping a little longer if DigiTimes is accurate. They say that Asustek is dropping the WiMAX option on the 8.9-inch notebook for the U.S. because “the WiMAX market will not reach maturity in 2008.”Larger display Asus models will still see integrated WiMAX capability this year, but like me, it appears that Asus is taking a “wait and see” approach for the broadband technology here in the ‘States. Contract customers will still have the ability to order WiMAX in the 901, but I’m not certain who that applies to: businesses and educational entities, perhaps?


Kit Marshal

From the sounds of things, I think I will stick with my ePC 701 and not buy the 901 until the next generation. They have improved the screen and the resolution but the keyboard is not perfect, although with practice it is improving.

Mike Cane

The 901 is going to run a frikkin **$650** as it is! Shoving WiMAX in there would have made the price even more silly!

James Kendrick

We’ve been saying this over and over and now they’re waking up. Don’t you wish they’d listen to us, Kevin? We were right there in January when the Asus CEO made the big WiMAX announcement and he could’ve asked us what we thought. :)

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