Flickery – The “iPhoto” For Flickr


Eternal Storms has released a public beta of flickery, an OS X (Leopard only) client for flickr. It bring a great deal of iPhoto-like functionality to your flickr.com account in the way it displays photos and enables you to tag & group your collection. You can also browse, view and comment on pictures of your friends or upload and manage your own photos and favorites, all from a clean and simple interface. You can also perform minimal editing functions pre-upload along with the option to e-mail your images via Apple Mail and even download them.

The view options are pretty nice: you can switch from a mini-overview (pictured below) mode to full-window mode to full-screen view (with slide-show controls).

Main flickery App Window

Full Window Mode

Flickr Metadata Info Editor

Flickr Search

Download Progress

The full download is a (again, Leopard-only) Universal Binary and expires on June 30, 2008. Remember, it’s beta software, and while it worked fine for me, your mileage may vary. Overall, it is a great addition to the various flickr apps for the Mac. While iPhoto & FlickrExport will still be my primary means of getting images into flickr, I can definitely see myself using flickery as a way to organize my flickr library and search for images of interest.

If you give flickery a try, drop a note in the comments!



I had same problem as stephen – I have already emailed them – so only got to play with it for a few minutes.

I agree it looks promising and may address some of the shortcomings in Photonic (my current favourite flickr app). However, without support for browsing my groups I don’t think it would win me over.

Matthias Gansrigler

@Ragnar & Stephen
Please send me an e-mail so I can check this out, if you don’t mind. Would help me out a lot.

Thanks for sending me an e-mail :)

And thanks to the author for writing about flickery. Helps out a lot!!


Flickery crashed on first use. Had already authorised. After crash program continually asks to authorise, reports the API key to be invalid.

Click – drag – trash – wait for next Beta.

Looks promising however.

Ragnar Lundgren

Hi, thanks for this but when opening the program again I’m asked to autherize the program , okey but nothing happens and the proram does not work any longer. I tryed to reinstall it after closing, but I got the same “Authorization recommended” pop up.
Yes I have the latest Mac Pro. 1 week old and a 30″ Cinema HD Display.
When you have a working program, let me know.

Best Regards

Stiv Bator

I don’t know what to think.

Not the app, but the fact that their site is a rapidweaver template with the stock pics. For an image app, you’d think they’d at least swap some pics in the template.

The app could be great, just a lil critique of their site.


-“Preferences” doesn’t work
-Sometimes while in “Photos,” flickery randomly highlights my pictures, from beginning to end

-Can’t use cursor to highlight area to select multiple images
-Can’t use shift+arrow keys to select multiple images
-Tab inserts a paragraph tab in Description field instead of going to next field
-If you put images in “Upload”, then switch to a different section (e.g. Photos), then switch back to “Upload”, all work is lost
-Sometimes couldn’t drag multiple images into Upload window; restarted the app and was able to

Fullscreen mode:
-Slideshow mode was rather slow (loading full-size images)… any way to speed it up/pre-render next images/load smaller-size images?
-I had no idea what the Star button did (thought it was a Rating thing) until I got the error..

Other suggestions:
-Clicking on “Sets” should expand/collapse sets (not just clicking on the triangle)
-In addition to (or instead of) “Go to flickr.com” (File > Go to flickr.com), I think there should be a “Go to your flickr.com account” link
-I really like “Show Details,” but it’d be cool if you linked that to Cmd+i
-It would be neat if there were a zoom bar (like in iPhoto) to display more/less images
-In Fullscreen, maybe you could have some kind of notification that you’re downloading/downloaded an image? (Maybe have the Downloads window pop-up briefly / Have a growl notification )

Overall nice app :)

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