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Can New Hires Fix Joost’s Content Issues?

Web TV company Joost has made two hires to help where it is sorely lacking — content. Danny Passman is the company’s new global head of programming strategy and John Schultz is now the director of programming strategy. Both were previously at vid sharing site Dailymotion.

It’s been a shaky 2008 for Joost. It fired its CTO in January, experienced “unprecedented” downtime in March due to server migration issues, and in April the company laid off staff to realign its workforce.

But the company’s biggest issue continues to be its lack of good content. And by good enough, we mean so good that you’ll download an application for it rather than watch it on the web.

As Janko wrote before, “Joost has Tropical Honeys, Hulu has Heroes.” But it’s more widespread than that. Joost’s Comedy Central channel has canceled shows such as Stella and Strangers with Candy — but no South Park or even Reno 911!.

Joost’s weekly email blast, supposed to entice you to use the service, is also a little sad. Recent “features” in the newsletter have been music videos, “Classic Horror,” and “Mixed Martial Arts.” There’s no brand name content even remotely enticing enough to get you to watch — unless you count music videos by Madonna and Weezer, but why not just fire up YouTube for those?

While Passman and Schultz have been brought on board to kick the content into high gear, Joost tells us it has made a number of other recent additions to its roster including:

  • Jason Gaedtke, chief architect
  • Matt Zelesko, svp of engineering
  • Owen O’Donnell, chief financial officer
  • Dina Nathanson, vice president, global human resources director
  • Kyle Forster, vice president, product management

4 Responses to “Can New Hires Fix Joost’s Content Issues?”

  1. funtomas

    Content is a part of success. No-installation requirement is the other. Joost might survive if they swiches to the P2P supporting upcoming Flash 10. But still, there’s YouTube which is likely to upgrade too. HD content is a safe bet.

  2. Matt_

    Joost people I speak to tell me that they expect big things to happen this summer but I still have a wait and see attitude till they produce the goods