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Bee Docs’ Adds New Dimension To Creating Timelines

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Somehow, I missed this despite subscribing to Adam’s blog, but Bee Docs’ released Timeline 3D this month.

The main new feature is the ability to display/present timelines in (no surprise) 3D mode. The best way to see what this looks like is by viewing the demo video Adam has put together.

While I’ve touted Bee Docs’ Timeline in the past, Timeline 3D really makes it very easy to “wow” folks during a presentation and also makes it very straightforward to really focus the attention of your audience on each timeline event (always a good thing). I will warn you, tho, that rendering timelines with a large number of elements and graphics will take some time (this is an area that I have to say needs some work).

Another great thing about indie developers (like Adam Behringer) is how they interact with their userbase. Adam chronicled the development of Timeline 3D on his blog and even hired one of his customers (Gary C Martin) to help with the 3D design.

$25 USD buys you an upgrade to the product from the crufty ol’ 2D Timeline “standard edition”, and $65 USD gets you a shiny new copy for those who do not currently use Bee Docs’ Timeline.

If you’ve used the new 3D product or give it a try, let us know your thoughts & experiences in the comments.