HSDPA module, antenna, UMPC equals browsing bliss

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Q1uphsdpamodule3gI’m definitely in the minority when it comes to 3G modem options. Most folks prefer an integrated broadband radio, while I’m enamored with a USB solution since it works with all of my devices. Now that he’s installed a mini PCI HSDPA module in his Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium, Bartman is part of the majority too. He took the card out of an AT&T U881 AirCard and plopped it right in the extra and open slot that I found when showing you how to update the RAM in my the Q1UP. There’s also a SIM card holder inside too; I saw it, but my 3G is back with Verizon Wireless after a brief stint with AT&T and a portly 875U AirCard that I might crack open just for fun now.Bartman shows every step of his hack in pictures and there’s some nice shots of the antenna implementation he used. It must have been the right approach, because in his AT&T coverage area, he’s routinely seeing wireless speeds of 1.6 MB down and up to 1.5 MB back up, which is outstanding! Let’s see, my 875U plus an antenna and my iPhone SIM card would give me… hmm…. wheels are turning, people. Wheels are turning…

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That surely must be 1.6 and 1.5 Mb, not MB. Unless LTE is already here ;)

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