Strands Acquires Social Money Site NetworthIQ


Strands, the heavily capitalized company behind the MyStrands music recommendations service, is developing its financial side: last week it announced the acquisition of NetworthIQ, a social money site. The acquisition follows the purchase of expense management site Expensr and the beta launch of moneyStrands. Corvallis, OR-based NetworthIQ was launched in 2005 and claims to have had 15,000 users participate (that doesn’t mean they’re currently active, however). The whole social money space has been really active. Companies like Mint and Wesabe have gotten a lot of attention. (NSDQ: TSCM) recently announced an investment in Geezeo, with the likely intent to purchase the whole thing at some point. Terms of this deal were unannounced. Release.

See more at the NetworthIQ blog.

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