SAG: Ask Actors Before Posting Clips Online


The Screen Actors Guild is holding firm on its major demand of asking for actors consent for clips of their film and TV work to be posted online by the media companies. The clip issue has emerged as a key point in SAG’s negotiations with AMPTP, reports Variety, set to resume May 28, or earlier, should the AFTRA primetime talks conclude quickly. In this video posted on SAG’s website, national exec director Doug Allen took up the cause of clips, and took issue with AMPTP’s proposal that they be allowed to be distribute such clips online — with payment but without consent required — and stressed that actors have had the right of refusal in traditional media for 50 years.

“We think that’s a real problem, and we suspect that the membership will agree with us,” he said of the issue. The consent issue is also crossing into old media, where SAG is demanding that actors approve any product integration into their scenes, again a point of contention with producers. Plenty of work for IP lawyers if SAG gets its way…

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