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IndiaMart Revenues At Rs. 38 Crores; TradeIndia Has 700,000 Registered Users

Some data on online B2B marketplaces from the current issue of Outlook Business. The story estimates that B2B marketplaces account for $15-20 billion of transactions of a total $100 Billion online B2B business. This $100 Billion figure has been mentioned in the past, but there’s nothing on the source. The listing for these marketplaces range between Rs. 3000-13000 per year. No source for this information has been given. The following are the numbers on two of the companies mentioned:

— Indiamart has claimed revenues of Rs. 38 crores (almost $10 million), with a topline that has been growing by 50 percent year-on-year since 2003. The site is generating 500,000 buyer inquiries per month, and its paid user-base has increased from 100 in 1997 (they year they broke even) to 14,000.
— is apparently the India’s largest B2B marketplace, with a claim of over 700,000 registered users; revenues are expected to double this year, and the company has grown by 35 percent year-on-year so far.

This is in the context of, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed B2B arm of the Alibaba group of companies tying up with Infomedia India. Other companies in this space include Matexnet and Auction India. I’d written about online marketplaces here. Much more on this segment and how it has evolved at Outlook Business.

15 Responses to “IndiaMart Revenues At Rs. 38 Crores; TradeIndia Has 700,000 Registered Users”

  1. I know about Tradeindia and its the best company as far as B2b Market is concerned. Indiamart as compared to Tradeindia does not stand closer as they do wrong commitments and thus loses  trust of its existing client.

  2. Sunil Mishra

    tradeindia is truely crap, if they are good then why they are still on 20 crore of revenue (1/2 then indiamart)…? Though they r in market frm 1991.
    It is typically a yellow pages company only. Even they reduced their trade shows participations bcz of non availability of budgets.

    I used tradeindia and u wont believe only recved 12 inquiries in whole year, out of them 7 were indian. Now, somebody tell me whts d use of it…?

  3. Trade india is best b2b portal in india it has very high level of service strategy i would recommend trade india over any other on the basis of my satisfaction with them.

  4. has really a capable team of professionals. Last few months the service level has gone tremendously high. Unfortunately those who one time earned their lively hood from the company spread some confusions. But as a businessman I could realise that shortly they are going to overcome all other online marketplaces. Indiamart is also good but because of less data they could not provide those results. Alibaba is undoubtedly the leader but it is chinese. Guys 'Being Indian I thought of supporting Indian' and I am happy to see that tradeindia is delivering more than my expectations.

  5. Rahul Singh

    I was recommended Indiamart by my business associate who happen to use them for a long time. As a small time entrepreneur, I was looking at value for my money and I started to realize that the services offered by them was appalling.

    A friend of mine tipped me about Bizedia. Sounds like a much better option.

  6. Sunil Mishra is website generating fake leads. Their backhand team is very week. I've been worked their. The whole technical team is not able to generate average 10 leads in a year for all its members. As per turnover is concern, they are in great loss, as a lot of companies are not renewing with their services.

  7. yuvraj singh

    These all things what says for their listings are false. they have only 3-3500 customers. Tell me about its turn over to what he is telling that it is growing 35 percent every year.

  8. these faqs mentioned by tradeindia are simply the massive false listings they had
    added at the times when they used to distribute free cds and directories only to fill their listings .