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Mobile WiMax Goes Urban

Sprint and Samsung have declared mobile WiMax to be ready for launch in Baltimore and Washington D.C. later this year. The two firms said on Thursday their trials met Sprint’s technical specifications, which means mobile WiMax is now out of the gate in an urban area. Previous deployments have focused on rural areas, fixed WiMax or a similar service that isn’t true WiMax, so this could be mobile WiMax’s big test. Let the network upgrades begin.

3 Responses to “Mobile WiMax Goes Urban”

  1. Stacey Higginbotham

    @Funtomas, I wasn’t talking about fixed Wi-Max not being a true WiMax service (it is). That is one of three variations on WiMax I was mentioning that also included rural deployments of mobile WiMax and the precursor to WiMax that Clearwire deployed in some cities early on.

  2. Funtomas

    Stacey, could you pls provide more details on why you consider the “fixed WiMax” not a true WiMax service?
    It serves as a broadband last-mile connection, providing QoS and VoIP capabilities, distinguishing it enough from the rest of wireless means of connection such as WiFi.