GridNetworks: Comcast Invested in Us, Too

GridNetworks, a peer-to-peer television distribution company, has revealed that it has taken investment from Comcast Interactive Capital. The funding was part of a previously announced $9.5 million Series A round whose participants have trickled out over time.

Comcast isn’t GridNetworks’ only strategic investor; it also took money from Cisco. Neither deal comes with definite plans to work together on technology, emphasized GridNetworks CEO Tony Naughtin in an interview last week, reducing the certainty of what he previously told us about the relationship with Cisco (“They’re going to embed the GridCast client into edge devices in millions of households in the coming year-plus.”). For now the extent of working with Comcast, as it’s trumped up in the press release, is “collaboration with Comcast Corporation during NCTA Cable Show.” Of course, giants aren’t known for their quickness (or their willingness to disclose future plans).

Comcast also has public relationships with GridNetworks competitors Pando and BitTorrent, though those are more related to Net Neutrality.

Naughtin said that GridNetworks is close to prototyping its high-definition P2P delivery service with a television operator that’s smaller than Comcast.