GigaOM Favs: 10 Blogs We Love


Last week, I asked followers on my Twitter stream if they could recommend some new Web 2.0 writers/bloggers I could follow. [digg=] This prompted me to ask my editorial team about the blogs they love, including the ones that help them with getting the job done on an ongoing basis. What we have put together is a potpourri of eclectic, lesser-known blogs that are worthy of addition to your feed reader. So here goes (in no particular order):

  • Sexy Widget: A blog authored by Lawrence Coburn, CEO of a widget company, RateitAll provides a sharp, terse and useful commentary on widgets, social apps and toolbars.
  • Futuristic Play: Andrew Chen provides thoughtful writing and analysis of online advertising, social games and social networks and monetization strategies.
  • High Scalability: Written by technically savvy people who know how to scale web applications.
  • Henry Jenkins: An academic studying the convergence of media online, with great affection for his subject matter.
  • CodingHorror Jeff Atwood’s CodingHorror: It walks a rarefied line between being very deep knowledge about technology and wit. Recent posts include deep but amusing diatribes against HTML and XML.
  • ActiveWin: This blog has been doing the deepest, under-the-hood coverage of Microsoft Windows since 1998. It’s very good for demystifying highly technical aspects of the operating system.
  • Rock, Paper Shotgun: This blog gets the scoop on what’s going on with alpha versions of videogames and gets its hands on game footage well before just about everybody else. Rock, Paper Shotgun is for people who want to the inside track on games.
  • Kevin Tofel & James Kendrick’s jkOnTheRun: A really great blog about all things mobile tech.
  • Tesla Founders Blog: Martin Eberhard, who founded Tesla and left the company on bad terms, started the blog and was dishing a lot of dirt on Tesla. The site has a lot of guest posts from Silicon Valley’s smartest alternative vehicle car buffs.
  • Deep Green Crystals, Martin Tobias blog: Don’t let the name scare you. Tobias is the former CEO of biodiesel company Imperium Renewables and currently invests in small startups like Greenwood Technologies. Check frequently for insights into both clean tech and Internet trends.

In order to make things simpler, we are providing a consolidated RSS feed for all these blogs so you can easily add them to your reader. If you think highly of any other blogs, please drop us a line and we can add them to our feed reader, and if we fall in love with it, then recommend it to others. Meanwhile, sign up for our network feed to get the latest posts from all our sites in this new improved consolidated feed.

Reviews/Recommendations by Om Malik, Katie Fehrenbacher, Stacey Higginbotham, Liz Shannon Miller, Sam Dean & Judi Sohn.



The RSS-Feed doesn’t work with Thunderbird either. Good compilation of Blogs though!

Todd Cochrane

Quite rude of you to combine the feeds like that and link them into a Feedburner feed. If I were an owner of one of those sites I would be pissed off. By providing a consolidated feed you have diminished there brand. Put their feed on a service that the may not want to support. Simply ridiculous. Some sites wisely choose not to use feedburner and to think you just put 10 sites into a combined feed on feedburner makes me realize you don’t respect these sites content at all.

Stacey Higginbotham

@Todd, please keep up the good work. I’m learning a lot between the posts and the link love.

Space Roach

You forgot What Da Phuk!. It’s not a gaming blog but it covers such an extensive myriad of topics, it should make all top 10 lists.


Nice compilation. I’m new to the blogging scene so I’m constantly looking for additions and info to help my site improve.

Justin Hernandez

Nice list Om. I didn’t know about the High Scalablity blog – nice find. I love to read these articles and one day hope I’ll face those situations with my site.


@bgurley meant the RSS url you had in your blog, he/she is right, it doesn’t work on Google Reader either

Dominic Ang

I’ve also gone ahead and created a Beetroll of these great blog picks — you can check it out here:

Give it a few minutes to fully update across and then it can serve as a social way for us to share and filter across this new group of bloggers

Judi Sohn

James, jkOnTheRun was my recommendation. Apologies for not giving you proper credit alongside Kevin for your great blog. :-)


I’ve looked at a few and one thing I notice about all of those I looked at is that they are regularly updated, usually several times a day. Where do people find the time? I mean, I understand if your blog is a business and it’s your job to be up-to-date on things. But I’m still mystified and impressed at people (with jobs? families? friends?) who can update their blog throughout the day with new content. I guess that is why a lot of blogs have a full list of contributors…you need help!

(Can you tell I don’t update my own blog on a daily basis?)

Chet K

Thanks Om! Now I have 10 *more* feeds in my RSS reader. Which I need almost as much as I need a shotgun blast in my knee! :-)

Seriously, though, I’ve been following you, your blogs and your progression for the last couple years, and you have never failed to educate, inspire, and enlighten me. These, of course, are excellent finds, and I’m glad to have discovered them. Thanks for the info, and keep up the excellent work!

Allen Stern

Nice one Om and team! The heart icon is great! :)

Om Malik


I am not sure I understand about the URL. Can you let me know what the problems are so I can fix them.

@ Liz

Thanks for the comment. I think these are worthy of a look, if nothing less.


I think I depend on the old standbys. But I’ll check these ones out…if nothing else, it’ll be exciting to the blog owner/writer to have an unexpected surge of visitors.

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