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Microsoft’s Unique Position In Online Advertising: We’re Desperate

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Well, it didn’t exactly say that, but almost. In an internal e-mail by Kevin Johnson, president of the company

One Response to “Microsoft’s Unique Position In Online Advertising: We’re Desperate”

  1. Microsoft's properties are indeed scattered and confusing, but the properties are high quality. The challenge Microsoft faces, like man other publicly traded companies, is that they must continue to "increase shareholder value" which has cause MS to lose focus in some areas. My advice, for what it is worth, is to rapidly web-enable the office suite in its entirety and offer it for free online. This would be an ad supported platform but would leap ahead of Google Docs and other competitors in the space. They would definitely make more money per seat than they do now. In addition I would recommend a very light version of Windows built exclusively for web access. Then "bundle" it with rich integration with web apps like office and complimenting solutions like Flickr.