Class Action Targets Seven Operators


The latest premium mobile content class action has taken a short-cut by suing 6 operators and an MVNO at once — AT&T (NYSE: T) Mobility, Sprint (NYSE: S) Nextel, Verizon (NYSE: VZ), Alltel (NYSE: AT), U.S. Cellular, Cellular South and Virgin Mobile (NYSE: VM) are named in the suit, reports RCR News. The plaintiffs (only the law firm is cited in the article) are seeking actual and compensatory damages against the carriers for “unauthorized charges, wrongful collections and unjust enrichment.” RCR reports the allegations include charging for unsolicited text messages “without offering its customers the opportunity to avoid such charges by opting out of text messaging and refusing to disable its customers’ text messaging service.” Considering that both Sprint and Alltel (at the least) have other class action suits against them on the same charges I wonder how the legal system deals with that — are they covering different plaintiffs or different charges, and if not, what happens with the double-up?

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