The new HTC Advantage in the US? Nope.


Those of you who like me have been following with bated breath the new HTC Advantage 7510 and anxiously awaiting its release here in the US can take a deep breath and get on with your business.  I have confirmed with HTC that the 7510 contains the Qualcomm chipset that is not allowed for sale in the US so the new Advantage will not be sold here.  You’ll have to pick up one at considerable cost through an importer if you want one in the US.  Stand down, geeks.  Now we know why Matt Miller has such a big smile on his face since he’s sitting in front of three.  :)




Then again, perhaps HTC is not really trying to avoid the ban, but trying to avoid an infringement suit of its own.


I’d be curious to know if/how/why this product is really affected – from the first InfoWorld article Ghengis provided: “Broadcom asked the commission to ban all handsets with Qualcomm’s WCDMA and EV-DO chips, excluding smartphones, PDAs and laptop cards.”

I think the 7510 would certainly qualify as a PDA or smartphone…?


Genghis Khent: Thanks, now I understand why the chips are banned. I still don’t understand why US-based importers such as Dynamism ae not impacted by the ban, but I guess that is just one of the loopholes :-)

Genghis Khent

Bruno, here is a link to one of many articles on the Qualcomm ban:

What is not so clear (to me anyway) is the extent to which this ban affects 3rd parties like HTC and AT&T:

Hope this helps explain a bit.


Not being in the US I guess I don’t understand – Qualcomm can’t be sold in the US (why?) but the importers can sell it?


It just seems wrong. James– Any recommended said importers? It seems that is going to be my route. Or maybe a trip to Canada?

Mike Cane

Mwahahaha. Bribery goes far at U.S. Customs. Shipment blocked. Kendrick frustrated. Cane happy.

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