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Obama Girl Directors Get Feature Gig

Larry Strong and Kevin Arbouet, who directed the first few Obama Girl shorts for Barely Political, are shifting gears this summer — the two have tipped NewTeeVee that they’ll be producing a feature film tentatively starring DJ Qualls (Road Trip, Hustle and Flow) and Jerry Stiller (King of Queens, Ben Stiller).

Strong and Arbouet were already experienced media pros before responding to a Craigslist ad searching for Obama Girl directors — but it’s their work in online video that has really helped open doors for them in Hollywood. More details about the project, which is titled The Last Day of Summer, to come. In the meantime, for more information about the two, check out their web site.

And, just for old times’ sake — Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl:

UPDATE (5/21/08): Larry Strong writes in with a few more details:

Last Day is a dark comedy about a confused and angry young man who decides to take revenge on the people that hurt him. The script was written by Vlad Yudin, who is also directing. Kevin and I plan on doing a series of viral videos from the set of the film.

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