Mobile Mythbusters: the 1.7GHz Celeron Eee PC

E900So earlier this week, the Asus Eee 900 went on sale as expected. The price is around $550 as expected. Reviews are coming in as expected. Some on-line retailers are advertising the device with 1.7 GHz Celeron as… uh… huh?Now I haven’t checked specifically with Asus on this, but I’m calling “Mobile Myth… busted!” until proven wrong. We’ve seen nothing official from Asus that this device runs on anything other than an Intel Celeron at 900 MHz. The same CPU is found in the earlier Eee PC models, although those are underclocked to 630 MHz out of the box.We’ve seen no reviewers with anything but the 900 MHz Celeron. Yet, some folks are “ordering” the 1.7 GHz version… at the same price as the 900 MHz version. It doesn’t add it up me. Bob, one of our readers just received his 900-model and validates the 900 MHz Celeron. He also points out a higher capacity 5800 mAh battery with his unit; good to hear as there was some brouhaha over the battery capacity on some units.Someone smarter than me can hopefully verify this next thought: I believe that the 900 MHz CPU uses a different Socket than the faster 1.7 GHz chips for the motherboard interface. If true, would Asus design separate motherboards for an otherwise exact same high-volume product? I’m thinking not. Obviously, if my assumption is wrong, then this point goes out the window.For now, I’m calling this as I see it: a typo in the specs. In fact, at, they have both the XP and the Linux version of the Eee 900. Both are the same $549.00. The XP version apprently comes with the 1.7 GHz Celeron. The Linux version at the same price? That has an “Intel Mobile CPU”. Hmmm…. Got additional info or a Asus Eee PC with a CPU other than the Intel Celeron 900 MHz chip? If you’ve seen one in the wild let us know!


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