Free Palm Centro app alerts you based on location


Treospot_editprofileAs I’ve been telling my father lately: “Use the device as a tool and let it do the work for you”. Yes, he was updating the same Word doc and putting the date in the file name. We don’t need eight copies of the resume… a single current one will do, thank you very much. ;) This same advice can be applied to TreoSpot, a free application for GSM Palm Centro devices.Using TreoSpot, you create a database of your locations that are specified by the cellular towers nearest you. For example, I would create a “Home” location in my house so that TreoSpot would know I’m at home when it sees the local cells. After creating a database of locations, you can then set alerts, reminders, call profiles (vibrate when at the office, ring at home, etc…) and more. Again, why not let the device do the work and keep you productive or informed when you’re at a specific location?

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