Want an EEE PC? Better decide which keyboard you like.


Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine has uncovered something about the EEE PCs that is so strange, well, you’ll just have to read on to see what I mean.  It appears from her investigation that the keyboards are different depending on whether the EEE PC is a black one or white one.  Yes, that’s right, the black keyboard has different keys and spacing than the white keyboards!  They are different on both the older 700 series laptops and on the new 900 so it’s a conscious manufacturing decision on Asus’ part.  Read her article to see what they discovered and if you doubt look at the photos they’ve posted to see what she is talking about.  Here’s one that is pretty clear:



Alan A. Reiter

Gork — If you’re looking for an IBM clicky keyboard, check out http://www.pckeyboards.com (Unicomp). The company bought Lexmark’s equipment that was used to make IBM keyboards.

I have two of these Unicomp keyboards (one USB and one PS/2) and they are the closest I’ve found to the true IBM keyboard. In 1983 I bought my first IBM PC and I loved the keyboard. I think the Unicomp keyboards are just a bit less springing and clicky than my 1983 keyboard — perhaps similar to a later model IBM keyboard? — but I haven’t found anything comparable.

Some people also like Avant Prime keyboards that are, I think, close to the old Northgate keyboards, which also were excellent. The Avant Prime keyboards also are clicky with good tactile feedback that blows away the cheap keyboards that people have gotten used to.


Can’t say I notice any difference with the picture you showed Kevin.

It is interesting that the mechanism underneath is different. However both of these seemed only noticeable to those who are hard core typists. I wouldn’t notice even though I do type alot. I don’t notice how much pressure it takes to press the keys down. The only keyboards I didn’t really like we’re natural ones or the new MacBook and Apple Keyboard ones, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get a old Apple keyboard or replace it with a Logitech.

Now if they can bring back the old IBM Model M that would make me extremely happy. I miss the clicky clacky keyboard. There was something so satisfying about typing on those.


Could always do a keyboard transplant and get a checkered look. :)

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