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UpTake Helps You Plan Your Next Trip

logoWhen planning a vacation, it’s hard to find good information on the web.  UpTake, now out of private beta, tries to help with that process by assessing keywords and returning user comments from across the web to help you find great travel destinations based on your preferences.

UpTake aggregates information from Expedia, TripAdvisor, and Yahoo Travel.  The website crawls these sites (along with other travel niche sites) and returns user generated travel spot reviews for spots throughout the United States. UpTake provides information on hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and suggestions for things to do.

The site is very similar to TripAdvisor, TripHub, or Yapta. However UpTake provides more contextual returned results based on users’ queries.  Uptake strives to build intelligence into the search results by providing you with accommodations and options tailored to the type of trip it senses you’re using.  For example, if you enter “wi-fi fax hotel,” it will assume you’re a business traveler looking for hotels that will allow you to work from a business center inside the hotel.

As you can see form the screenshot, the results are returned in an organized and well-laid out manner.   A Google Map is provided to help those unfamiliar with a town’s geography find the attractions near their area of interest.


UpTake was formerly known as Kango and is headed by Yan Lee, the former GM of Yahoo Travel.

2 Responses to “UpTake Helps You Plan Your Next Trip”

  1. Brian Blank

    Interesting to see them use Google Maps with Mr. Lee’s ties to Yahoo.

    Good site, clean with nice sorting features and map to put the reviews in context of where you want to be on your trip.