The crazy ants are here- run!

Crazy_ants_2The local news in Houston has been filled for days with stories about the Crazy Rasberry ants that are spreading like wildfire.  What makes these ants so newsworthy is the fact that they eat small electronics for breakfast.  And lunch and dinner too.  These ants apparently came on a ship from Asia a few years back and they are spreading like nobody’s business.  One news report showed a typical small ant hill and the researcher said it was home to probably 50 BILLION of the crazy ants.  Homeowners in the area are finding them in their homes where they love to eat electronic components and cables, thus rendering them useless.  It’s big news because there is no way to keep the small critters out and current pesticides don’t seem to work on these crazy ants named after the man who discovered them.  Mobile Tech Manor hasn’t seen them here yet but we’re under Red Alert.


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