PhoneTag & GrandCentral: one number rules all your VM-to-text


PhonetagWe’ve touted the awesomeness of having a single phone number before: GrandCentral does just that. When folks call your GC phone number, they’re seamlessly routed to your cell, landline, office phone or wherever else you’ve defined. There’s plenty of other useful features as well but a new one was just added, courtesy of the company previously known as SimulScribe.PhoneTag is the rebadge of SimulScribe and they’re partnered with GrandCentral for one of their core competencies: voicemail transcription. With PhoneTag, you don’t have to waste time calling in for your messages, they’re transcribed and sent to you via e-mail so you can read them. You can also have the VM sent to you as a .WAV file and listen in when you have time. This is about the one feature I can think of that Grand Central didn’t already offer natively, so I think it’s a great fit. Bear in mind that while Grand Central is currently a free beta, a PhoneTag account will cost anywhere from $9.95 monthly for up to 40 messages to $29.95 a month for unlimited message management. You can also try the service freely for a week.(via IntoMobile)

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