NBC Drives the Nail in


I guess those rumors about NBC and Apple working things out aren’t going that well. Tonight on The Office, instead of Michael browsing the iTunes Store for music to make a mix cd for the new HR girl, Michael was browsing the Amazon MP3 store. Guess there won’t be a happy makeup between Apple and NBC.



I’d really like to see NBC content back on iTunes actually, they have some amazing shows for Apple’s mobile devices..


Actually I suppsoed he has a corporate machine that may forbid to install iTunes, therefore he can’t use the iTunes store, but he can easily use a web store like Amazon. So from that perspective it makes pretty much sense.

Michael Murphey

If this means anything at all, which it most likely doesn’t, its that someone on set is either anti-DRM, or Amazon paid a little product placement money for the shot.

I seriously doubt this could have any affect on whether or not NBC shows appear in iTunes again.


It means nothing. It just reinforces the stereotype. They could cast Michael in the next “I’m a PC” commercial. If NBC doesn’t see that, then they are out of touch.


There were a couple iMacs featured pretty prominently at the end of last weeks episode. I don’t think it means anything.


I thought it was absolutely appropriate, given that Michael is such a technofool, that HE would use a service that is- obviously- not nearly as easy to use as iTunes! Only a fool (like Michael) would use Amazon instead of iTunes to make a mix “tape”. I think the writers pulled one over on NBC, not the other way around. Even my 13 year old got it.

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