Manage unwanted calls and messages on T-Mobile

6a00d834525fff69e200e54fad487488348One of the first experiences I had as a T-Mobile customer last year was something out of my control. I kept getting SMS spam that was costing me money. These weren’t messages that I initiated, but they kept coming and there were charges incurred. Calling T-Mobile support got the charges removed, but I was told that these were my fault because *clearly* I had to have initiated these messages. Not true, of course.I’m no longer a customer of T-Mobile, but if I was, I’d be taking advantage of their function to manage unwanted calls and messages. Huzzah! If you log-in to your T-Mobile account, you should see these options under: Communications Tools, Resources, Create Filter. You have to know where the call or message is coming from of course, but at least there’s an option to block them. It’s a small step, but one in the right direction.


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