Kwiry: Reminders by Text Message


SMS text messages are the unsung heroes of messaging; this low-fi 140-character medium has for years kept us connected to each other and is fasting becoming one of the key enablers for ubiquitous computing and the personal infrastructure of the web worker.

kwiry is the latest service to extend its functionality into delivery by SMS, enabling users to turn text messages into useful personal reminders.

To set a reminder, users simple text 59479 (yes, that does spell out k-w-i-r-y on a keypad!) with a short note describing the reminder they’d like to set; for example, an article you want to share, bills that need paying, looking up movie showtimes and pretty much any activity that can be expressed with brevity.

Interestingly when a ‘kwiry’ is added to a user’s account, opening it back at the main web interfaces, also pre-programs a bunch of searches across common web services. For example, adding a note ‘to watch iron man this weekend‘ automatically adds search buttons for Ask, Google, Yelp, iTunes and others. Also, kwirys can be routed to a number of start pages and aggregators – including iGoogle, Pageflakes, Netvibes and Bloglines – as well as shared within a user’s social network.

The SMS texting capability seems to only be available to US users at this time, a web UI and other entry points are available to international users, though the company is seeking to add MMS capability too as a photographic aide-mémoire as well as mobile web interface and iPhone support.

The service appears to be covering similar ground to Stikkit, I Want Sandy, reQall and even TwitterFone. Though each of these services takes a slightly different approach, there’s a certain focus and clarity in the user experience, something which the admittdely feature-rich Kwiry is somewhat lacking. However, there’s a lot to play for in this field and ultimately the utility each provides to users is the real measure of success.


P Bilton

Don’t forget you can also set an SMS reminder to yourself by voice with Jott.

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