How to save money on digital magazines


CosmpolitancoverLast week, news hit that Barnes & Noble teamed up with one of my favorite mobile services: Zinio. Thanks to Zinio, I have very few print magazine subscriptions clogging up my mailbox. Of course, that makes more room for junk mail and unsolicited credit offers, but I digress. Using Zinio’s software on my Mac and PCs, I can read digital versions of my favorite mags anywhere I’ve got a computer. The service and experience are outstanding; you can even try free previews of some titles to test the experience.So what does that have to do with the Barnes & Noble announcement? It offers the opportunity to save some money on those magazines! I just hit up the B&N magazine section and see that the B&N Member’s Price on many of the titles can save you a few bucks per subscription over the standard Zinio price! Some examples of one year prices:

  • MacWorld costs $19.97 at Zinio. B&N Member’s Price: $17.97
  • PC World is the same deal: $19.97 at Zinio, $2 less for B&N members.
  • BusinessWeek sets you back $29.97 at Zinio, save $3 for the same 51 issues at B&N
  • Cosmopolitan (hey, it gives me insights to the complex female mind so stop snickering. Besides, she’s worth it at any price, no?): $12 at Zinio, $10.80 is the Barnes & Noble Member Price.

I’d highly recommend Zinio regardless of this deal. But why not become a Barnes & Noble member for free and rack up a little digital savings? Zinio offers more titles overall, but it’s worth a look-see to check on your favorite mag.Update: as pointed out by LM in the comments, the B&N Membership is $25 a year.




BN Membership for free? It says $25 in their website.

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