Fujitsu UMPC gets refreshed: Intel Atom-based U2010


1There’s no official press release that I can find, but DigiTimes has information and a picture of a new UMPC from Fujitsu. This appears to be both an external and internal refresh of the Fujitsu U810 UMPC. On the outside, there’s a an extra row of keys on the already diminutive keyboard. Inside, the older Intel A110 CPU gets swapped out with an Intel Atom CPU, although there’s no information on which specific chip or clock-speed the device will see. There’s an expected launch in Tawian this July for the 610 gram device with 5.6-inch touchscreen display that rotates. The model for Tawian will also include integrated GPS and WWAN connectivity.I’m not sure if we’ll see the device here (other than through importers), but I’d be curious what current U810 owners think about the refresh. The converted price is nearly $1,300 and although that might not be an exact cost translation, the current model is setting folks back around $900. I’m also assuming the unit will come with Microsoft Windows Vista as the touchscreen alone would disqualify it from XP’s stay of execution on ULCPCs. Vista on an Atom CPU? I’m still not convinced that’s the best combo, but we’ll have to see.



Do any of you know when fujitsu might be bringing out a “refreshed” version of the p1620? I was actually going to put in an order tomorrow, however with retailers dropping the price to $1499, I am wondering if they’re already preparing to release a new version of it. I will probably reconsider ordering it now knowing that they’re releasing a new version of the u810.

On another note, I actually have a UMPC running an A110 800 mhz processor and I’ve found, that in my opinion, that processor is completely incapable of running vista. I don’t consider running one thing being “capable” and it can’t even do that all the time either. Can’t normal divx/xvid .avi video files without video/audio being horribly out of sync. My UMPC is completely limited by it’s processor as it’s at 25% activity even when IDLE.


I am on my U810 as I am most mornings at the coffee house.
The new design of the keyboard doesn’t really affect me as I rarely use F keys. Also the corners of the screen near the mouse pointer and buttons lack the upward swoop. That allows the fingers to use the mouse and buttons while in laptop mode, which is how I predominantly use it.

I am also in for more RAM, as vista is kind of a pig. Streamlining the startup processes and turning off most indexing and background processes helps a lot. But that took time and experimentation to do.

I use a Sprint USB U575 EVDO for all my mobile devices so built in WWAN is a nonfactor.

To make a long comment longer, I would love to play with the new Atom based devices, but don’t like the New/Old order based processor approach.



Someone slap me if this is a daft comment but I was under the impression that a 1.4 GHz Atom wouldn’t be much faster than the current Steely A110 (800MHz) because of components striped out of the atom to improve it’s power efficiency. This meant that the atom processor couldn’t process as many tasks per clock cycle as its predecessors. A benefit of the atom however is the inclusion of hyper-threading support but I can’t see how that would be an improvement on a stripped down processor (atom) over time slicing on a in-sequence processor (Celeron, C7-M) that can process more tasks per clock cycle other than the fact that it will feel smoother (but roughly the same speed over all and more expensive by far).

Geoffrey M

I have the U810 and will definitely consider the U2010 if it has more memory. The price we’re seeing is for Taiwan, which may not be the same in the US.

Jon M

Well, it is tempting to move on to this newer model, only if it has 2 GB of memory available and a second USB port. From the picture it looks like the keyboard is expanded, which would be nice because when I type on my U810 I easily hit the wrong key because of the placement of certain letters, number, and functions. Another thing I notice is that there is no web cam. What gives? Higher price and NO web cam ….. its not starting to look like the bargain I paid for anymore ….. And just like my Sammy Q1 Celeron, its hard for me to make the jump to a Q1 Ultra … So all in all my opinion is that at the price their offering the updated verson of the Fujitsu U810, I don’t think it will garner as much attention as the current model has. I think the next really big thing would be a touchscreen/tablet HP Mini-PC, that would give me a reason to open up my wallet and buy a new toy.


Kudos to Fujitsu for updating the old model so quickly.

Still doesn’t look pocketable though.
Looks to have neater lines though somehow

Btw I couldnt get rid of the video advert on this page – it wouldnt close

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