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Flash P2P, Coming Your (and Everyone Else’s) Way

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Adobe today released new beta of Adobe Flash Player 10, which has built-in P2P features and is able to save files to the local drives. This could have a big impact on the world of video in particular and other web apps in general.

Because of Adobe’s distribution strength, it can easily upgrade its Flash clients and instantly become owner of one of the largest P2P services. What that means is that now anyone can contemplate a Joost-like service that works within a browser. Using AIR to extend those P2P abilities to the desktop would be fairly easy as well. Continue reading at GigaOM.

3 Responses to “Flash P2P, Coming Your (and Everyone Else’s) Way”

  1. Quick correction to my previous comment — turns out this has nothing to do with the P2P SIP work at Adobe/IETF. The SIP code is apparently all going in to Adobe Pacifica and not Flash.

    The p2p parts of Flash 10 are all the work of Matthew Kaufman and Michael Thornburgh (from the Amicima acquisition) and their very cool RTMFP protocol.

    Apologies for the confusion. I’ve gone in to much more detail at:

  2. This would be an unbelievably huge development — I think the impact is being underestimated at the moment. This would completely alter the content distribution landscape.

    As I’ve commented elsewhere, this is likely based on p2p SIP stuff from the IETF, just based on Adobe’s participation in the various working groups. I’m trying to get more info from my contacts on the Adobe Flash team now.

    This is incidentally an extremely close architecture to what I use on LittleShoot at, but integration of something like this into Flash would make it extremely easy to create instant p2p networks at next to no cost. Hard to overestimate how big that could be.

    -Adam Fisk