Kicks Off Three New Shows


Undaunted by the comedy competition from all sides, upstart funny site launched three new web series this week, Glitch in the System, Do Unto Others and Incognegro.

Created by Variety writer Ben Fritz, Glitch in System is a light-hearted look at video games and game culture. The first episode interviewed nerds in line for Grand Theft Auto IV, and the second episode was an actual skit that was actually funny. Each was amusing enough and should be appreciated by the Penny Arcade set.

Do Unto Others teaches you different ways to screw with various people at various locations, like your roommates or at the gym. It’s less a how-to and more about jokes being told via subtitles — and I think a lot of the bits from the roommate skit are lifted from an old email that was forwarded around 10 years ago. If not taken directly, they are awfully similar.

Incognegro follows a light-skinned black man (The Colbert Report‘s Jordan Carlos) on his journey to become “blacker.” The first episode has him seeking dog-buying advice in Harlem. Though it’s typical man-on-the-street stuff, Carlos is smart, pretty funny, and quick enough to keep up with the loopy answers thrown his way.

Of the three, Incognegro and Glitch offer the funniest bits, but I don’t think either of them are original or gut-busting enough to break through the comedy glut we’re already in.


Tim Street

The Tang in the humidifier did make me LOL cause I can’t imagine a roommate having a humidifier.

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