Aliph’s new Jawbone headset: 50% smaller

Black_front_wAliph introduces a new Jawbone Bluetooth headset today, one that’s 50% smaller, weighs 10 grams and offers some sound improvements as well. Hard to believe that last bit because from what I’ve heard, the sound quality on the original Jawbone was pretty incredible.The new Jawbone uses their “NoiseAssassin” technology to distinguish your voice from all surrounding background noise. Using DSP, or Digital Signal Processing, that noice is cancelled out for a pure sounding voice. You can order the new headset direct from Aliph or stop in an AT&T retail store: $129.99 is the MSRP. It offers 4 hours of talk time and 8 days of standby. Here’s some of the other features touted by this small, precise headset:

  • Military-grade noise elimination technology
  • Eliminates up to 10x more noise energy than closest competitors
  • Faster processing eliminates unexpected noise bursts
  • Unmatched intelligibility – voices sound human, not robotic
  • Sophisticated dual microphone array reduces wind noise
  • Invisible touch controls
  • Three-dimensional texture on shield inspired by noise abatement surfaces
  • Premium materials including medical-grade plastic and fine leather
  • Magnetic USB cable & wall charger included
  • Three (3) earbuds – small, medium, and large
  • Two (2) fine leather earloops – medium and large
  • Two (2) slim earloops ideal for use with eyewear – medium and large
  • Fits either ear

I’ve got a review unit arriving any day now, so there’s more to hear in the coming days.


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