6 Electric Cars You Can Buy Right Now


Sick and tired of all these electric vehicle production delays? Need an electric car now? Got at least $10,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Well, don’t worry, there are several models available for purchase right this instant! But while all of these electric options have zippy accelerations, the four-wheeled options all top out at 25 mph because they’re classified as neighborhood electric vehicles, not full-on cars. Bummer. And the two three-wheelers, meanwhile, are technically motorcycles, with the ability to cruise along the highway at speeds over 40 mph. Well, it’s a start.

Dynasty: Unlike many of the other current electric offerings, Dynasty’s IT Sedan has four tires and four seats. The car only weighs 1,450 lbs., but Dynasty says it can haul over 1,000 lbs. worth of passengers and gear and unburdened, gets a range of 30 miles. Its recharge time, however, is long, at 11.5 hours. Dynasty offers a variety of models, including a pickup, a van and a sporty drop-top. Prices for current models are just under $20,000, but Dynasty has recently suspended production while they move their manufacturing to Asia; they plan to offer the vehicles again next year at a cost of around $14,000. Don’t worry, many dealers still have models in stock.

ZENN: An acronym for “Zero Emissions, No Noise,” ZENN gets 30-50 miles per charge and takes 8 hours for a full charge or just 4 hours for an 80 percent charge. It sports just two seats and has 13 cubic feet of storage in back. With 34 dealers around the country you should be able to check one out near you; prices start at $15,995 — higher if you want the fancy sunroof. ZENN is also working with ultracapacitor maker EEStor to bring a highway-capable electric car to the market by the fall of 2009.

Kurrent: The two-seater Kurrent, which its makers claim costs less than 2 cents per mile to operate, sports a full windshield, doors and windows to protect you from the elements, as well as a “roomy” trunk with 7.5 cubic feet of space. Charge time is 8 hours and will get you 35 to 40 miles. With a sticker price of $9,800, the Kurrent might be a cheap option to trundle you and your briefcase to and from the train station. You can order one online or get one through a dealership, though the bricks-and-mortar option will likely lift the price tag by a few thousand dollars.

E-Ride: If you’re looking for utility in your eletric vehicle, the EVX series should do the trick. Headquartered in Princeton, Minn., E-Ride has two models, the EXV2 and EXV4. Each one weighs a beefy 3,000 pounds but still gets a decent range of 55 miles per charge. Its base price is $22,000, but will go higher with options such as storage racks, ladder hooks and other utility features.

Meyers Motor: Meyers Motors’ NmG, or “No More Gas,” is for those who fly solo on their commutes. With only one seat and three wheels, the NmG is registered as a motorcycle, which means you can park it like a motorcycle. But it does have a fully enclosed cab and even has a trunk with 6 cubic feet of storage, about one grocery cart’s worth. The vehicle can get up to a potentially terrifying 60 mph in just 12.5 seconds, the company says, and has a 30-mile range per charge. At $34,900 it’s one of the pricier options.

ZAP: Zap’s Xebra is one of the oldest electric car-like options, originally unveiled back in 2005. It’s technically a motorcycle with three wheels, but has four doors and room for four very skinny passengers (max. payload is 303 lbs., or 75 lbs. per passenger). But with a range of only 25 miles per charge, you won’t get far. At $11,200, it’s an affordable option and ZAP is currently running a promotion in which they’ll kick in the first year of electricity for your car.



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Just watching

It is not a car problem! It is a weak batery that is holding things back as well as a power grid weakness.


Okay, a bunch of folks with no actual EV experience, armchair EV’ers. The only freeway legal EV here is the NmG. I drive one everyday 14 miles on the freeway in the HOV lane here in Silicon Valley at 65-70 mph. My employer recharges it at no cost to me during the day at work for the drive home. My wife and I use it for all our errand running, including grocery shopping, six bags and two twelve-packs fit in the trunk with no problem. We get a lot of positive “thumbs-up” at nearly every intersection, not to mention the “cloud” of ICE cars that drive along side taking pictures! Seriously, get off the negative grind about how these vehicles aren’t practical and really think about how one uses their ICE auto, including the astronomical cost of service and maintenance to maintain a warranty let alone the fuel costs. The NmG is available NOW with Lithium batteries and a 60 mile range for $29K. Drive one and you’ll never look back!

Rose Newburg

All for it! And buddy, you can call me “twat”, or “what” ever u like! I can think of a million ways these will help America, especially when they are made in America.

dave manger

I know how to enable these electric cars to have an unlimeted range of travel without plugging in to recharge.I am looking for a financial backer.I will make that backer an equeal partner. only the serious need to reply.davemanger1@aol.com



My husband says this is all hype. None of these cars will run fast enough to be street legal where we live. Specifically, he says you can only drive these on streets where the speed limit is 35 mph or less.

Well, if that is true, it just plain won’t get me to work, no such path exists.

I see that the most expensive one up there will go up to 60 mph, but that is alot more than my husband paid for his Ford Focus, so I don’t think he’d go for spending that much.

So, is he right? Is it true that a street-legal EV is still out of reach for us?

Uncle B

Being a ‘twat’ is not so bad as a side-walking critic. I think electric cars can get pretty and faster and safer, especially now that GM no longer produces SUV’s and may soon cease all production in US and concentrate on their eco-boxes out of China! Americans have to downsize, egos and all to survive a world with $160bbl oil. Wake up and stop name-calling, the problem is simple, what we produce in a days work is no longer worth the pay we expect! Little, 5’1″ yellow ladies are outproducing us at about 4 days work to 1! We are fked – no union, bombing others, trade tarrifs or threats can make people buy our high priced crap! In ten years you will buy a used electric car and kiss the dealers ass for it and consider yourself lucky to get it You dig, ahole?


Fleet and taxi vehicles are likely to be the first venue for mass introduction of full electric vehicles .
With gas being over $4 the next time you hail a taxi you might just get a”TaxiEV or EvTaxi”.


Other web searches on at least 3 of these brands will show you that the companies are either out of business or are merely advertising cars that they can’t or won’t deliver. One company owner was even arrested recently for failure to deliver.


You should remove the Kurrent electric vehicle from your list. The company went out of business over 6 months ago.

Craig Rubens


Thanks, that VentureBeat post has a lot of great information but much of the info on availability is inaccurate. The Venturi Fetish, for example, is listed as “available now” but production isn’t scheduled to start until 2009. Meanwhile, the Reva which is technically “available now” is only sold in India.


You might want to link to this which is a list of 30 electric vehicles either ready to be bought now or next year.


These aren´t cars, just nice gadgets. I liked the Kurrent and I visited in the web, they really need to work in it and their image.

Young Chris Kevin

Well, it’s nice to hear that there are electric cars available. In fact, there are also other automobiles designed nowadays as alternative for fuel-powered engines aside from electric cars. Some examples are solar-, hydrogen-, and air- powered automobiles. If you will really search for economical and environment -friendly automobiles, you will really find lots of them. Your post just help others to realize it.

Alex Campbell

RE: Xebra:

I love your coverage here. Thank you for highlighting what is available today. BTW, none of the vehicles we sell look like the prototype photo you have here. Also, you might not have gotten the accurate payload rating… see the link below for our truck, which is similar to our sedan.

One key difference that you left out is that the Xebra can travel up to 40 MPH, while the NEVs can only go 25 MPH. That’s why we rate the range lower than others because the faster you go in an EV the less range you get.

~ Alex Campbell, ZAP 707-525-8658 x 241, acampbell@zapworld.com


If you have $20,000 to spend on an electric vehicle, keep an eye on eBay. Currently there is a Ford Ranger EV (Factory built) up there, and a Dodge Dakota conversion. These are not golf carts, they are real electric vehicles you can drive on the freeway. Of course, they aren’t new, so if yo are looking for that new car smell, you are out of luck.

That’s what I did, and now it’s my primary transportation.



hee, hee.

But c’mon, tell us what you REALLY think!

Stefano Buliani

Then you wonder why electric cars never took off!

Look at them. Drive around one of those horrible things and the people on the street will not think “That’s an environmentalist!” they’ll think “What a twat!”

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