WaterField Designs wrap up Amazon’s Kindle


Kindle_9_mdThe included case for the Amazon Kindle is adequate… in a utilitarian kind of way. But we love us some WaterField cases for our devices. See here, here and here as we spread the love. They’re just well designed and good looking while offering great device protection. WaterField just announced an entry to wrap up your Kindle with care, bringing a stylish look to bland-looking eBook reader. C’mon, have you ever heard someone see the Kindle and ask “What’s that sexy device”? ;)On the WaterField store site, you can choose the $39 Large Sleeve Case or Small Sleeve Case; the larger one will hold your Kindle and its own native case. For the minimalist out there, the Kindle fits in the smaller Slip Case for $27.(via GearLog)



Ricky, how do you like the Waterfield sleeve for the Mini? Is it the one for the 6-cell battery version, or the 3 cell? I am considering buying the 6-cell version of the sleeve, but I wonder how well it would work when I eventually get a 3-cell spare battery for those times when I want to not lug around the bigger battery.


Why would you want a floppy slip case when the Kindle comes with a hard cover.
I find the hard cover just right for when I sit outside eating and drinking and stand the book up on its end so I can read without hands. I also find the hard cover keeps me from accidentally hitting the side buttons.
BTW. The following is what the Kindle is for: – I was sat outside in the sun on the weekend when I finished reading the second book of a trilogy. I flipped on the wi-fi, went to the Kindle store where the book was immediately available in books recommended for me, I paid around $3 and downloaded it in about 10 secs.
All that achieved without me moving from my seat AND in less time than it would have taken me to get up, fetch the book from the book shelves and get back out and settle myself again.
That’s what Kindle is all about :-)

Ricky B.

I just got a WaterField case for my Mini-Note; I love it! It took longer to arrive shipping to and from San Francisco than a package from Hong Kong, though. Ah, USPS.


Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to let you know your first “here” link doesn’t work. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know, but I when I click on it, it says “404 Not Found” error message.

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