Vid-Biz: Sling, DVRs, Hulu


EchoStar to Introduce First-Ever Cable Product Next Week; SlingModem plugs into coaxial cable, acts as a modem with the place-shifting capabilities of a SlingBox. (Multichannel News)

Older DVR Users Skip Ads; 52 percent of men ages 55-64 skip ads all the time, compared with just 21 percent of men ages 12-17. (Advertising Age)

New Hulu Metrics; site has served 15 million uniques over the past month — up from 5 million during its first public month, and 100,000 Hulu vids have been posted to 12,000 different sites. (Silicon Alley Insider)

Accenture Buys Origin Digital; consultancy firm will add Origin’s experience with online video to grow its clients’ online, mobile and IPTV businesses. (paidContent)

LG and Samsung Partner for Mobile DTV; instead of competing, the two Korean electronics giants will submit a jointly developed mobile DTV technology to the U.S. standards body, the Advanced Television Systems Committee. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Two Pay-for-Content Plays; online rabble-rouser Loren Feldman to experiment by charging 99 cents for some of his videos; CrushedPlanet to forgo ads for subscriptions and merchandising. (Feldman: CNET; CrushedPlanet: The Hollywood Reporter)

PBS Picks thePlatform; content management company to publish video for,,, and (Web Video Report)

Seesmic Hooks up with Disqus; partnership will allow the more than 13,000 blogs run by Disqus to offer video comments. (emailed release)


Phaze_1112 has figured out how to stream high definition full-screen video with a 100kbps connection.

Other guys try to do it and need at least 10-30 times as much bandwidth.

The Blast IPTV player doesn’t need to buffer and they don’t require you to download software.

check out their demo site at

Chris Albrecht

Fixed. Thanks, SR. That’ll learn me to rush through the morning headlines.


Reread the Silicon Ally Insider article. Kilar says Hulu served video to over 15 million uniques, not that 15 million uniques came to

I would speculate that a high percentage of those uniques came via embeds on high-trafficked blogs.

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