Use a throwaway e-mail address for auto document uploads


GoogledocsaddressI’m constantly uploading, downloading and editing docs on-line and yesterday’s post on Evernote got me realizing that it’s another web-service where I can have information e-mailed for later use. Google Docs is the other big one for me; I can upload new docs, or I can have them e-mailed to my secret and special e-mail address so they’ll be there for me when it’s time to get some work done.Now I wouldn’t recommend sharing the e-mail addresses you have set up for services like these, but what’s the harm in creating a throwaway e-mail address and creating a rule or filter to auto-forward to the real one if it has an attachment? Other than eventually having a new window to the world of spam, this gives you an address for folks to send you docs and spreadsheets, or in the case of Evernote, notes, images or audio files that have info you need. You can always change the throwaway e-mail address as needed and you don’t have to spend time uploading a file when someone can do it for you. Now…. does anyone want to write the next blog post for me?

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