TextMate and Subversion

Textmate I’ve used TextMate before, mostly for heavy development with PHP or Ruby on Rails, but it began to fall out of focus for me when I started using Panic’s Coda instead. I loved Coda’s interface more than any other text editor/web development application. But I lamented the ability to easily sync up my web work to my Subversion server, which I’ve fallen in love with. Xcode has the ability to manage versioning with Subversion in your projects, but this only works with the types of projects that Xcode handles.

I’m not a command-line kind of guy, even though I use Subversion. So I’ve tried to find some kind of GUI-based Subversion client. So far, the only one I’ve seen that’s available here and now was svnX. But the UI is irritating and confusing, making it pretty much unusable.

Then, I heard in passing from a friend that TextMate supports SVN. So I launched it up, and looked around. Sure enough, there it is – under the “Bundles” menu, and it’s the “Subversion” group. It has similar functionality to what Xcode has. Of course, you’ll want to import the project and perform the initial checkout via Terminal, but after that, you’ll be ready to go.

For easiest results, select the entire project’s folder from the “Open…” dialog in TextMate, to keep the whole thing at hand in TextMate.


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