Sign in Options at Zoho


ScreenshotSometimes it’s the little things that count. If you’ve been holding off trying Zoho applications (now up to 9 productivity apps and 8 business apps) because you didn’t want to manage yet another account, they’ve got two new options for you: you can sign in with your Google or Yahoo! ID. Given the reach of those two services, this opens up Zoho to just about anyone who is seriously on the web, and of course makes it easier than ever to try out Zoho services.

With the Google and Yahoo authentication APIs available, and the penetration of those services, it leads me to wonder, though: is OpenID on the way to simply being irrelevant? It’s easy to point out benefits to owning your own identity and having it portable, but I suspect if Google and Yahoo signins spread, the vast majority of surfers just won’t care.

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