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Personal: Goodbye Gopal Raju

GopalRajuNot many of you know Gopal Raju, a man who has played a big role in my journalist life. He passed away this week and his passing brought back some bittersweet memories.

I can still remember the first time I met Gopal Raju. Joe Aranha, a NY-based freelance photographer introduced us. I was terrified to meet the man who had started and built India Abroad, one of the largest Indian American weekly newspapers. He did nothing to put me at ease but he gave an opportunity to write for his paper where I met some people who became lifelong friends. He sent me on assignments that made me appreciate the virtue of traditional, pound the pavement reporting, that has stuck with me.

There were many times when we didn’t see eye-to-eye, but that didn’t diminish my respect for the man and his ability to put out a fine paper. As they say, we are all a sum of many parts. Mr. Raju (as I used to call him) played a big part in my life. Good bye … front page will be ready Sunday at 6 pm!

5 Responses to “Personal: Goodbye Gopal Raju”

  1. Dave Burstein


    Years back, I got to know Mr. Raju because I did the computer work for their printers. Smart, able man. Reading India Abroad was fascinating, a culture I didn’t know.

  2. I never knew the name, but India Abroad was a huge part of my weekly reading when I was in the US in college. The internet was just starting to take off in my last 2 years at college, but prior to that India Abroad was how I kept up with news from home.