PC Mag reviews the Lenovo IdeaPad U110- good performer


I’m not the only one having a great time putting the Lenovo IdeaPad U110 through the grinder, PC Magazine’s Cisco Cheng has published a review of the little red wonder.  I don’t always agree with Cisco’s take on different devices but he hits this one pretty much on the head:

Despite a sluggish hard drive,the U110 is tops in performance against many others in its weightclass. Its features are solid, and the design is eye-catching. Lenovotook a long time to launch a consumer line, and although the U110inherits little from the ThinkPad line, I really like the directionLenovo has taken with the IdeaPads.


He wasn’t kidding about the performance statement, I find the U110 to be blazing fast and in his benchmarks Cisco found the IdeaPad outperformed the Macbook Air by greater than 30 percent.  Yowza!

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