Jawbone 2.0


Like me, Jawbone has gotten a little skinnier and lighter. And like me, it has a whole new wardrobe. About 50 percent lighter and smaller than the dorkier original Bluetooth version, Jawbone has the same useful noise elimination features as the predecessor. It is being co-sold with AT&T for now and will cost about $130 a pop.

After struggling for much of its early life, thanks to bad product decisions, Aliph, the maker of Jawbone, seems to have turned things around. Its noise-elimination headset has sold enough units for Plantronics to label them as a competitor in a recent conference call with Wall Street analysts. The company has raised VC funding from Sequoia Capital and Khosla Ventures.

I asked founder Hosein Rahman if he is doing a music headphone using his technology, considering how hot the music phones have become. No plans, he said, because of some issues with the A2DP technology. Jawbone 2.0 works nicely with the iPhone and Blackberry, two devices I tried it with, and there’s minimal set-up required. If you have one of those two, it might be worth taking a look. But before you do that, read Walt Mossberg’s big review over on AllthingsD.



Who’s the “him” you refer to in the post???

Om Malik

@ dave,

as someone who went through a life changing experience, i would be happy to do that. I think it is what I am doing right now. Will be glad to write about it.

E. Kaplan

Anyone know what type of watch is being worn in the picture?


hey, i know it’s totally off topic for your blog, but since you do sometimes go that way perhaps you should do a monthly piece on ‘healthy living’ for people who sit in front of machines all day, chronicle some of the easy changes you made to lose weight, change diets and routines, walk away from a desk and all of that…

i’m an avid exerciser, but i’d be willing to bet that at least half of your readership joined a gym jan1st and left by feb 15th… ;)

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