Intel Atom shortages breathe more life into VIA C7-M


Via_c7m_logoDigiTimes indicates that the low-powered Intel Atom CPU shortages will give none other than VIA a nice boost. Several PC makers are expected to go with the VIA C7-M CPU in lieu of the Atom for their low cost computers. The Atom isn’t due out until next month and there’s already either enough interest or media spin (or both) to indicate high demand and low supply of the chipset. While the CPU wars rage on, I’m actually waiting for one single model of a notebook that can be had with a comparable VIA C7-M, VIA Isaiah or Intel Atom… I’d consider buying all three for an all night benchmark party. If that works out, you’re all invited for some live streaming!



it would be nice if the Atom shortage would breathe like into Isaiah, not the V7-M. but Via is having their own shortages problem with the Isaiah. Via needs to get their act together before to many of these old 2006 relatively slow/power hungry (by todays standards) V7-M’s get out there & further damage their rep.

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks Rich! Correction noted and fixed. I’m under the weather today and trying to muddle through the day, but clearly it’s affecting my writing.

Rich Thomas

Who created the title for this story?

Intel Atom shortages breathe more live into VIA C7-M

ought to be:

Intel Atom shortages breathe more life into VIA C7-M


Several PC makers? How many and what are those PC makers? As far as we know, all the PC makers on the table were using Atom except HP. Would those PC makers mean Acer?

Any way, I do not consider that enormous sales boost for VIA.


If that “benchmark-party” finally happens, PLEASE give us feedback on HEAT and NOISE. There´s a bunch of non-power users out there like myself who are not that much interested in raw power, but in silent, cold machines we can use comfortably.

I´ve had both the money and the inclination to buy one of these machines for a long while, and haven´t done so precisely because I haven´t been able to find anything remotely closer to “cool and silent”.

(Ah, HTC Advantage! If only you could run XP…)

Thank you very much.


Fine with me. The C7m gets a bad wrap, but it works just fine for how most people use a subnote.

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