First post from my Blackberry


Now that the Blackberry client for TypePad is out I just had to try it. Now I really wish ny 8830 had a camera!


Alan A. Reiter

Update on my May 14 post: There is indeed a bug with the TypePad software on my BlackBerry Curve 8320. You can’t create additional paragraphs. Pressing the “enter” key doesn’t result in moving down the cursor to another line.

TypePad confirmed the problem to me and said they are working on it.


ah, you must be using the infamous QWERTY keyboard!! =D My best friend ever since I got my Samsung Q1UP. You should see how fast my fingers move when I type. Actually, I think it would be much more interesting to see how fast my eyes move. I get a headache if I use QWERTY for more than 2 minutes. But I still love it!!

Alan A. Reiter

Hi James — I downloaded the software on my Curve 8320 and found what seems to be a problem. I couldn’t use the “enter” key to skip down a line to create a new paragraph.

When I press the Curve’s “enter” key, nothing happened. I tried it several times. Then I closed the TypePad app, opened it again, and the same thing happened. The “enter” key doesn’t do anything.

I sent a “help ticket” to TypePad’s customer support. Waiting for an answer.

Mike Whalen

Well, it’s pretty cool. The new VZW Curve does have a camera and the application is integrated very well. You select the photo option, the camera comes up and when you take a photo the Typepad app asks if you want to pub it. It does seem to ask EVERYTIME I take a photo, which is a little irritating, but I digresstify.


Nice; Now you need to get the Blackberry Curve for Verizon. better yet get the BB Thunder for exclusive for Verizon in the 3 Qtr. Looks very nice almost like a iPhone.

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