Blog Post is Dedicated to “Dudes”

Deca’s new online video series Bush League is dedicated to all things dude (because the young male demographic is sorely underserved online). The Bush League blog/web show combo thinks its comedic take on guy topics like gadgets, video games and, of course, girls will set it apart from the other sites.

The show fits with Deca’s strategy of creating inexpensive, non-fiction, news-style shows — guy, camera, microphone. And Bush League is kicking the series off with an, errr, bang with a guy’s guide to making it in the porn business.

While the topics are a bit tired at this point (another place for gadget reviews?), some of the shows on Bush’s docket sound interesting. Bush League 101 is a how-to show for dudes that explains topics like “How to set up a poker night,” 24 Hour Game Review has the team playing a new video game for 24 hours straight, but the best — and most practical — is Can I Still Eat It? where a nutritionist explores the average guy’s refrigerator to answer questions like whether that year-old jar of mustard is still edible.

But the question for Bush League is, with the web filled with guy stuff, will people still watch it? Dude, there’s only one way to find out.