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Hiawatha Bray, a writer for The Boston Globe had an opportunity to tour the new Boston Apple Store set to open this Thursday, at 6:00 pm. Bray got to see a new innovation at this Apple store: a green roof. Not the “green” that means eco-friendly, but rather the green that means they have put grass on top of the roof. This may be Apple’s new ploy to stay on the good side of environmentalists. I have been on a roof that has plants, trees, and flowers, and it is quite a neat experience. Though people won’t be able to go up there, it is only visible from the windows of neighboring hotels, it is a nice touch.

Time and again, Apple serves up features like touch-screen controls that seem unnecessary, irrelevant — until you try them. Apple vice president Ron Johnson says the new store’s “green roof” is that kind of innovation. A rectangle of lush grass surrounds the skylight.

Bray was able to go up there, and Johnson says that even if that grass doesn’t make up “for the megawatts of electricity consumed by over a hundred Mac computers…if other new buildings adopt the same policy, it just might add up.” Regardless of its impact on the environment, it is a nice touch and will probably make those neighbors who see the roof enjoy the sight a little better.

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Эээ, объясните, плиз, а то я что то не совсем в тему въехал, это как?


The Apple Store in Chicago also has a grass rooftop. And to be quite honest, this isn’t a particuarly novel idea. The grass roof has been put into practice with good regularity for around ten years. Also, having a grass rooftop does make it ‘green’ as in ‘eco-friendly’ becuase it gives it a more preferable SRI (solar reflectance index) and thus reduces what is known as the heat-island effect. Under a rating system implemented by the USGBC called LEED, it also maximizes open space and reduces the building’s footprint (not to be confused with carbon footprint).

Slade Hurd

So two things, Whos going to keep it up i mean I wouldnt like the weeds and stuff growing. Maybe they will invent a new romba concept for the yard.
Can I mow it, maybe get some Apple perks for keeping it up lol.

Just found humor in the whole thing.

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