Be a mobile blogger contest: Win a BlackBerry and two years of TypePad


Compose_viewNow that SixApart has added a native BlackBerry client to use TypePad, wouldn’t it be nice if you too could use it? What’s that? No BlackBerry in your bevy of devices? No account with TypePad? Ah… mere details thanks to our “You too can be a mobile blogger” contest!Thanks to SixApart, we’re giving away an unlocked GSM BlackBerry handheld for you to use the new TypePad Mobile client on. Of course, you need a TypePad account, so the winner will also receive two-years of blog hosting on TypePad with a Pro level account. That’s the same account we use here and we’re thrilled with it! The account value alone is $149.50 per year, so in addition to a hot handset, you’ve got a blog-hosting package worth nearly $300!So how do you win? That’s easy: if you want to be a mobile blogger, you need to prove your skills. Write up a blog post on a current mobile tech topic or device and send it to You have until midnight EST on Saturday evening, May 17th to get your post done. Don’t worry about adding pictures. James and I will kick back on Sunday to sift through the entries and we’ll announce on Monday who the winner is based on which post we thought was best. Heck, we’ll even post the post and maybe provide an assist by adding an appropriate pic. ;)Caveats on this one: we’re restricting this one to U.S. invites only due to the handset. Seriously, you wouldn’t want a phone that didn’t work for you outside of the U.S., right? Only one entry per person, so make your post a good one, ‘k?



I like new technology so for that i belive that every one should have a nice hand set on his/she hands i love to use blackbarry and i belive that every one should have this i want this black barrys phone and to get it i can do any thing so give it to me

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If this contest was availabe world wide, i would have participated, but blackberry works in india well.

and blog hosting at typed pad works world-wide,
i request you to please extend this contest world-wide.
Thank you.

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