AT&T rolling with 20 Mbps downloads in 2009 while WiMAX whimpers in 2008

Att_horiz_color_lrgI don’t want to beat a dead horse, but it’s reasons like this that I believe the window of opportunity for national WiMAX in the U.S. is quickly closing. Today, AT&T reiterated that we’ll see a 3G network upgrade from them before they move to a 4G wireless solution like LTE. They’ve got HSPA lab tests going right now with 7.2 Mbps and expect 20 Mbps in 2009.Just my opinion, but the current 3G solutions have too much of a head-start in terms of infrastructure, adoption rate, and brand knowledge right now. WiMAX will have to focus on its differentiation points: lower costs, day and month pass options, range of signal. I once thought that device-embedded WiMAX would be a major difference as well, but 3G mini-PCIe cards in devices are starting to erode that as well. In any case, my opinion is simply that: one man’s opinion. Let the discussion ensue…


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