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Kolkata Knight Riders Ties Up WIth Contests2Win; Shah Rukh Khan To Blog

Kolkata Knight Riders has tied up with for its website, According to the release, 6 contests are currently live and another 5 are in the pipeline. I tried out Hangman, and failed on all counts. Definitely not an KKR expert. The games will be plugged into a loyalty program on the site, points earned can be presumably redeemed for tickets, merchandise and gifts (meet the players?).

There is an announcement on the site stating SRK will be blogging soon. The blog-bug has bitten Bollywood since Big B started being confrontational on his BigAdda blog. Not a day goes by without a daily or a news channel covering a post, the most recent of which, belittled SRK’s Paanchvi Pass with through the aids of rating graphs. How relevant is all the drama, whilst great for adding a few thousand unique visitors, to the overall property?

8 Responses to “Kolkata Knight Riders Ties Up WIth Contests2Win; Shah Rukh Khan To Blog”

  1. zeesha khan

    assalamalikum sharukh khan,i m zeesha khan.your fan………srk please aap loag batting aaram sai kare.aur bolling mai 1st over spiner sai karva a.cozkuch din pahle harbajan 1st over karke gilkrist ko out kra tha.khudahaffiz……….

  2. Completely agree to Cerius' opinion of celeb blogs. Too much media hype around Big B's & Aamir's blog everyday and the interesting part is that both are leveraging on SRK's fan base & popularity! One with a controversial article on falling TRPs of Paanchvi Pass & the other with an even gross one about his dog being named Shah Rukh!

    Disclaimer: We have powered up 'Follow the 12th man' on :: – So my opinion against blogs might be a bit biased ;) We say blogs are out – this is the 'in thing' !!!

  3. C2W tied up with the Knight Riders quite a while back. The zone has been live for a month. The announcement of Shah Rukh blogging is also quite old – he had 'threatened' to start! If he does there will be a ghost writer for sure. There quite clearly is a ghost writer on the Big B Blog – and people mindlessly follow it. Im surprised at how dumbed down we are becoming!