Updated: Industry Moves: Peter Horan Leaving IAC To Be CEO, Goodmail Systems

imagepaidContent has confirmed that Peter Horan is leaving IAC, where he is CEO of IAC Media & Advertising, to become CEO of Goodmail Systems. Reached by phone, Horan told me that he has given two weeks notice and will be joining the certified email company. Horan, who joined IAC in early 2007, said he is not leaving because of any dissatisfaction with his current job or company: “I have no beef with IAC (NSDQ: IACI). I like what I was doing. I like Barry (Diller) and the guys a lot.”

An IAC spokesperson said Horan would not be replaced given the changes already under way at IAC as part of the plan to spin off four companies. She said Horan’s decision to leave coincided with the streamlining of reporting tiers; for instance, Ask now reports directly to Diller. When he came in, it helped for the emerging businesses to have one leader; she also credits Horan with playing a “huge role” in promoting the ways the businesses worked together within IAC. But she added, “Media and advertising is no longer one segment of IAC; it is IAC after the spin off.”

Update: Meant to mention this earlier … By joining Goodmail, Horan is reuniting with Scott Kurnit, the founder of About.com — which Horan headed during its sale to NYTCo; Kurnit is on the Goodmail board. Also on the board: Eric Hippeau, managing partner, Softbank Capital. Horan realizes this is a switch for him from companies like IAC, AllBusiness.com and About.com. but says that e sees potential in certified email, particularly given that most people spend more time with email than with search: “At the risk of sounding reckless, I believe this could be better than Google.”