Earnings: EchoStar Revs Up 24 Percent; Swings To Profit, But Tied To Slowing DISH


For now, EchoStar’s fate is closely tied to that of its surgically separated Siamese twin DISH, which just reported sharply lower sub growth: Total revenue grew 23.8 percent to $554.5 million in the quarter, and of this about $464 million or 84 percent came from sales of equipment and services to DISH. Non-DISH equipment sales were $74.8 million. Net income swung to a profit of $5.7 million ($.06 per share) from a loss of $18.5 million ($.21 per share)

On that soft DISH subscriber growth the company says: “Changes in DISH Network subscriber growth could have a material adverse affect on our set-top box sales. However, the impact to us of declining DISH Network subscriber growth may be offset over the near term by an increase in sales to DISH Network resulting from the upgrade of DISH Network subscribers to advanced products such as high definition (

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