YouTube Targets Ads to Vids about to Go Viral


YouTube announced a new advertising product today called “buzz targeting” that makes a ton of sense. Since advertisers (like just about everyone else) have no clue what’s going to be hot on the site, YouTube will monitor videos that are seeing an acceleration of viewing, favoriting and ratings, and give advertisers the ability to piggyback on this group of videos.

YouTube said via email the product was one of the new ad innovations Google CEO Eric Schmidt had foreshadowed in an interview last month.

Lionsgate piloted the product with ads for its movie The Forbidden Kingdom. According to YouTube, ads for the film “ran against more than 500 of the most popular partner videos in music and entertainment, including content from major music labels and videos from users in the YouTube Partner Program.”

Buzz targeting, like other YouTube ad products, does not apply to videos uploaded by people who are not YouTube revenue-sharing partners, so advertisers will still miss out on some of the most viral content on the site. Like, for instance, this video of cats on a treadmill that is quickly approaching 1 million views.

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